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Staying Creative in Buenos Aires; What’s On the Agenda.

March 27, 2014

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so enough of this staying beautiful/staying fit malarkey, how about some activity for our rusty cogs?  Of course, each individual wants to stimulate their grey cells in different ways but for me I love a bit of creativity; art, film and performance. Bring it on! If you feel the same you might be interested in my list of what to do in Buenos Aires this weekend.

With turning of the seasons I am bidding a solemn farewell to my darling summer days and planning for hibernation, i.e. activities inside; away from the winds and the occasional bone-chilling rain.

  •          THEATRICAL SHOW:

Fuerza Bruta is in town!


If you haven’t heard of this Argentine art performance group it is time to pull your head from out underneath the pillow, dust yourself off and get your sweet ass down the Centro Cultural Recoleta ASAP! My first experience of Fuerza Bruta was in 2010 and it left a lasting throbbing impression, however trying to explain what they do is no simple task. We can but try…. Fuerza Bruta is an energetic ride, where the world as we know it becomes a surreal parallel universe as acrobatic performers act, dance, fly and literally fall from the sky in time to the powerful music score with strobe lighting, special effects, nudity (moderate), water (lots) creating scenes of a poetic, violent and beautiful nature combined with whole lot of mess and YOU. It’s an all-standing rave of a show and quite simply you need to see it (and feel it) to understand why Fuerza Bruta has become the phenomenal worldwide theatrical success it is to today and one of the must-do activities for locals and travelers visiting Buenos Aires.

  •          EXHIBITIONS:

Mario Testino: In Your Face at MALBA, March 14th to June 9th


I worshipped this man (along with 90% of my class piers) throughout my three years studying photography at University. Mario Testino has produced some of the most iconic fashion images over the past three decades, using intense vibrant color, elegance, contradiction, glamour and fame to create potent and seductive results. His photos suck you in to hyper time, taking you to a surreal world minutes before dumping you back into your comparatively grey boring life. Go and see it!

  •          FILM:

Wes Anderson’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel showing at Showcase Cinemas Belgrano


Another one of my God’s at University! Wes Anderson distinctive style has brought him cult following around the world, with his monochromatic pallet, the dry sense of humor complimented by surreal narrative storylines, makes each of his films a pure nugget of gold and I can’t wait to see this next one!


Yes, I’m set for the weekend! Have a good one, whatever you get up to.

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