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Staying Fit in Buenos Aires

March 20, 2014

So what’s my obsession with personal appearance at the moment right? Well, it’s not so much appearance that is the problem….it’s an age thing. I have started the 6 month count down to my 30th birthday. Nothing like a big milestone to get you thinking about how you are taking care of yourself! The older I get the more I see how boozing until the early hours and scoffing 5 burgers a week has taken its toll and I don’t like it, not one bit.

So this is it, I am getting fit for 30, that includes healthy eating programs (note; I did not write the dreaded  ‘d word’), acupuncture, facials and of course exercise classes. Exercise, does anyone truly love it? I mean I love the feeling after as endorphins do a like dance and make a little love, but actually do it, urrrgh! It’s a ball ache. So I tried to be a little more inventive then just ‘going for a run around the block’ and this is the best compilation of fitness regimes Buenos Aires has to offer.

Boot Camp Buenos Aires: This expat run group will get you fighting fit (and totally out of breath) in no time. The outdoor gym sessions are run from Puerto Madero and Palermo Parks, focusing on strength, resistance training and cardio and don’t require commitment. You can pay as you go or pay for a six week intensive course. Whatever suits your fitness and pocket needs.

BuenaOndaYoga: I’m not  a Yogi type myself; I’ve always found that I wanted to sleep in the class rather than feel energized by it but I hear this is just because I’ve have bad teachers. You’ll find no such thing at BuenaOndaYoga, I have it on good account that these ladies know what they are doing and you be working up a sweat long before counting sheep. Constant variation in classes and teachers means you’ll be putting your legs behind your head in no time.

Pole Dancing at Art Dance Studio: Release the sex goddess within! We all have one and Art dance studio will help you find it. All shapes and sizes are welcome of all levels so prep yourself for some intense core action as well as hardcore bruising! It’ll all pay off and you’ll be hanging upside down before you know it.

And, finally, in the words of Freddie Mercury: Get on your bikes and ride!

Even if you don’t own a bicycle the Government of Buenos Aires has done everyone a favor with their new EcoBici scheme. Tourists and locals alike can find rental bike station dotted all over this fair capital. With a flash of your ID you can rent (unattractive but functional) bicycles for the day and scoot along the new bicycle lane (bicisendas) from one side of the city to the other. Once you make it to Palermo parks, tie your bike up and take a nap under a tree. You deserve it after all that exercise!

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