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I am British…..

February 6, 2014

The other day I read a blog post which tickled me pink; it was entitled ‘How to piss off and Argentine’ from Matador Network who have done an extensive series about how to aggravate different groups and cultures from all over the world. The motive of this blog is pretty clear, 18 small things that you might do, as a gringo which goes totally and utterly against the cultural practices of Argie bargies.

Check it out for yourselves:

In my opinion this guy has got it pretty spot on, even when I showed it to my Argentine husband he begrudgingly agreed and then got pissed off that I thought it was so funny. I guess Argentines might also take themselves a little too seriously?! The guy who writes the article goes on to point out that Argentines seem to get miffed if you mention that you are from the US; ‘layer of something like jealousy, suspicion, a sense that you’ve had it easier somehow’….well try telling them you are from the UK buddy!

It’s no secret that relations between Argentina and Britain are a little, to say the least, rough around the edges. The first time I came to Buenos Aires to visit my then Argentine boyfriend, he took me on a ‘swanky’ date, to the famous grease ball pizza bar ‘El Cuartito’, ahem, and proceeded to explain that his father had been lecturing at him all afternoon ‘You could have picked a girl from anywhere in the world but you just HAD to pick one from England!’. Okaaaaaaaay. Great. So glad I have to meet this man tomorrow. Luckily, he was charmed by my enormous cheesy grin and quickly forgave my British roots but trust me, the fear of admitting my country was burnt deeply into my frontal lobe from that experience.

I’m not saying that all Argie’s get upset by my background…heck no. In fact the other day I had a girl stare at me in wonder, asking over and over again WHY was I living in her country and married to a dark and broody Argentine when I could be living in the most beautiful country in the world surrounded by the fair headed, bad teethed, polite British men.  Ummmm, go figure?! Most Argentines are sensible and loving people that are clever enough to figure out I wasn’t responsible for the past. I am a ’84 baby peeps, I wasn’t even part of the world during that sad time.

It’s only on very isolated occasions that I have felt the cold front come in once mentioning my background, more often than not in a taxi cab. So you are British, in a taxi and alone. What do you do to prevent the stream of outrage? Obvio! Say you are from Australia. Just make sure you know EVERYTHING about Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Savage Garden before you do.

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