Expat Argentina

The Search for Buenos Aires Vacation Apartments


It could quite possibly be the best feeling in the world when you get that phone/Skype call/email/Facebook message from your loved ones saying ‘hey…we have decided to come and visit you in Buenos Aires’. Images of all the fun times you are going to have together start to whirl around in your head, transforming yourself into a renewed and fresh faced tourist rather than a somewhat rundown Buenos Aires expat. Just when your imagination runs away with itself you read the next line ‘can you be a darl’ and find us a flat to rent?’ and you come crashing back to the dog poo smeared sidewalks of Buenos Aires. Ouch. And so the process begins; trawling through page after page of apartments, trying to find the perfect combination of location, amenities, quality and price.

OK, the chore doesn’t sound THAT bad, especially as said love one’s are mostly likely paying a bucket load of money to fly to the other side of the world to come and visit you but it can work out to be a rather time consuming exercise. First you find at least 10 apartments that you think will fit the bill, so you link an email up and ship it out. You hear back from your nearest and dearest almost a week later, who are only listing 2 apartments as suitable options. You contact the agent and its no surprise that those were every man’s and his dog’s favorite apartments; FULLY BOOKED! A red line is drawn through and the process starts again.

Maybe, if you are lucky, on your third attempt you’ll have a winner; the family like it, good price and it’s available. YES. ‘Can you go and check it out for us?’ the family says. So you rally with the agent, use sweet pervasive language and flutter some eyelashes and they unwillingly let you view the property. Photos lie. Sooooooo, you start again….

It’s not always this complicated and to make it lest so here are my favorite websites to look to give you a head start!

Oasiscollections.com: luxury apartments spread all around the city catering to every taste but mostly to the traveler that has a pretty penny to spend. Excellent, efficient staff that make the entire booking process an absolute pleasure.

Friendlyrentals.com: Simple to luxurious apartments with a simple online booking process.

Airbnb.com: this is a given, the world over. Private homeowners take to the World Wide Web to promote their humble abode as a great base to enjoy vacations. A huge variation; the good the bad and the ugly are definitely in there somewhere.

Poetrybuilding.com: These luxurious apartments meets boutique hotel. This building is home to a small selection of apartments based in Recoleta that boast total elegance and taste.

dulcehogarbue.com.ar: Not an English speaking friendly website, with a smallish selection but a good variation of accommodation.

santelmoloft.com: 6 great options for all budgets and travelers. Super friendly owners go out of their way to make your stay comfortable and will be able to point you in the right direction for things-to-do in Buenos Aires.