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Making New Friends in Buenos Aires

December 20, 2013

So you did it. You were bogged down in the day to day routine that was slowly sending you mind numbing mad, so you said ‘to heck with all you and everything I know, I’m outta here’. You packed up your life and moved to shiny new lands afar and you have become an expat or, if you are going to be grammatically correct an expatriate.

Maybe you didn’t do this, but I did; three years ago I said goodbye to my British life and moved it to Argentina, making me a Buenos Aires expat. It was great; I could get my hands on the best Argentine wine, abundant sunshine and a sexy Argentine man to get me all hot and bothered, but after two months of being drunk, sunburnt and stuck to this guys’ face I realized something; I was lonely. Where the blooming heck are my friends? On a rainy little island called England, that’s where!

So I took it upon myself to get off my arse and find some! If you are in the same boat as I was, then a few of the following tips might help you to reconnect with society:

  • ·         Join and write a sad post stating you want to meet people

Yes, it embarrassing but there are people out there who feel the same, so just bite the bullet and do it. You will meet freaks, men who want to jump your bone and people that stalk you, but somewhere in there you might just meet a gem of a person.

  • ·         Get a Job and smile nicely at your new work colleagues

I’m sure that was pretty high on the list of thing to do anyway, but not the easiest task to complete if you don’t already come to Buenos Aires with work sponsorship. Teaching English is by far the most popular option for an English speaking expat but there are other options out there for you. Go check out craigslist Buenos Aires…ok, ok, you have to really rummage through the sea of turd that are supposable job offers, but you never know. You might just find the job of your dreams!

  • ·         Join a Club

There’s something for everyone out there.  Hockey girls, get your sticks to the ready, Rugby boys’ time for some male groping…sorry, I mean tackling. All local clubs will allow us foreigners to join in to the daily grunting and battering that come with both sports. Into yoga? There are plenty of options out there for you; a person favorite of mine is BuenaOnda Yoga, run by a group of lovely Expat ladies. Or are you Cross Fit obsessed? You are in luck; Cross Fit is taking over Buenos Aires as we speak. Not one of these athletic types? How about joining a book club or a writing class at Walrus book store.

  • ·         Wine and Dine yourself at Buenos Aires closed door restaurants

Closed door restaurants have been taking over Buenos Aires for the last couple of years and guess what….most of them are owned by Expats. The setup is normally like a dinner party, where you can meet fellow dinners allowing you to make buddies while enjoying some delicious scram AT THE SAME TIME. Some of my favorites in are NOLABuenosAires, iLatina and Steaks by Luis.

….and if all else fails, get dolled up and get drunk. Your inner phone number whore will be released upon the Buenos Aires society and do the rest for you.

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