Expat Argentina

On Our Way Out of Winter in Buenos Aires


It always cracks me up when I see portenios bundled up in two scarves, a hat, a sweater and a jacket, when it’s 60 degrees Fahrenheit outside. The truth of the matter is that it never really gets that cold here! The weather, judging by how much people in Buenos Aires complain about it, you would think is awful, but it is actually super mild. I go workout nearly every morning in Palermo park (Los Bosques de Palermo) and I wear jogging pants and a long sleeved shirt. This is what a person in Portland would wear to go running outside when it’s 35! Check out www.bacast.com for some funny comments on this topic.

The best months to come to Buenos Aires, however, are always the transitional ones: March April May and October November. In these months it is still dry enough to not get the infamous torrential downpours that Buenos Aires can have, and warm enough to wear light clothing (no matter where you are from (unless you are from a tropical country!)). You can do an outdoor asado (Argentine barbecue), go visit an Estancia, and on some days its even warm enough for a swim.

October and November are also the months when everyone in Buenos Aires starts going out and socializing more. They have been cooped up inside for too long and want to go out and hang out… as only portenios can: with hours upon hours of chatty, gossipy (“chusmeando” in River Plate Spanish) conversation.

This is also when I personally love trying the latest vintages of all the wines at a wine tasting in Buenos Aires. As I’m sure you know by now, I am fascinated by Malbec, Torrontes and especially Bonarda and since the harvest season in Argentina is in March, usually the young wines come out in the springtime here. Salud!