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Landing Pad Buenos Aires: Use It!

February 3, 2012
So you have arrived in the the buzzing, cultural nucleus of Argentina, otherwise know as Buenos Aires. Tourists flock here in the hundreds, drawn by its eclectic mixture of classical charm, vibrant night-life, alternative trends, straight-laced tradition, heated passion and fascinating but turbulent economical and political history (oh, and let’s not forget the red meat and red wine!). And even though you are one of those hundred tourists visiting, it doesn’t mean you want to be surrounded by them.
Of course when you are preparing for your forthcoming trip you will be scouring the pages of tour guides, and website, enticing yourself with the hundreds of possibilities or tours that will introduce you to this intriguing Latin culture. Surely, your mind will be filled with images of some ill-lit bar littered with the authentic smouldering sexy woman and the beautifully melancholic man, dancing tango to Carlos Gardel’s “Por una Cabeza”; there you will be, in the midst of the ‘real’ Argentinean scene.
The honest truth is it doesn’t quite work like that. As many before you have most likely pictured the same elicit setting, it should be no surprise that most of the tours you consider, restaurants you dine at, bars you booze at will be filled with other tourists gazing at a tired, unauthentic performance, hoping to discover a original life altering Argentinean experience.
How do you avoid a head-on collision with this heart breaking disillusion, to find something a little different, exciting and outside of the ‘tourist-filled Tango house norm’? Well, unless you are prepared to perfect your Spanish along with memorising a copy of the appropriately titled book ‘Che Bouldo’, (which has become a essential expat staple) to speak like a true Buenos Aires Porteno, your best way forward would be to check out Landing Pad BA, offering you an alternative guide to Buenos Aires. Not only do they offer you the more traditional tours such as Buenos Aires wine tastings and visiting Tango houses but also intriguing and colourful tours, that will break you away from the masses and lead you to places you might not have considered without their help (I was certainly interested by ‘The Man Tour’ and ‘The Argentinean Cooking Lessons’!) . Oh, but that is not where it ends. Landing Pad BA offers all kind of insights of the city of Buenos Aires, advice, information, the dos and the don’ts making it easy to you discover this vivacious city and more importantly, how to have fun!
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  1. Rob the Bee permalink
    February 4, 2012 12:22 am

    I couldnt agree more. They helped organize quite a few of my first impressions of Buenos Aires when I just got here. Made lots of suggestions for things to do and see. Good people working there.

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