Expat Argentina

Hang On, Let Me Be Positive About Argentina


Ok, so I’ve been bitching and moaning for the 10 days that I’ve been back here, starting with the mob mentality observed on the plane, and more of the same after I got off.

But something really interesting was pointed out my my friend (and partner on BA Cast) Fernando, when he said that what Argentina does best: get excited at a concert, show, or sporting event. In other words, Argentina has the best fans in the world.

And I agree 100%. And this is great for people who frequent these types of events. I won’t go into why this is the case, because that would require some negative commenting, and today was a great day, so I’m gonna stay positive.

What else do I love about Argentina? My wife and I went for a walk on Monday, through Canitas, Belgrano and even a little bit of Colegiales and what did I love about that? I love that within 20 blocks of my house there are 5o different places to stop, sit, have a drink, a coffee, a smoke, an ice cream, whatever…. And you can sit there forever, and watch tons of people walk by. I like people watching.

In the USA you have an extreme lack of things you can walk to and also places you can sit and people watch. It’s always go go go. The only place in the US where you can truly walk to stuff is New York City. There are some other neighborhoods where this is possible, in some urban centers, but in Buenos Aires you can walk to anything you need. In addition, in most rural towns and suburbs you can walk to anything you need. It is not endless parking lots and hugely over developed sidewalks that nobody uses. I think the conclusion here is that I have an extreme dislike for traveling in a car: they are uncomfortable, they make noise, they infuriate you, especially when driving, and they separate you from your fellow man.

I remember when I lived in LA and I pulled up to a stop light, not wanting to look at the person who was parked only 5-6 feet away from me at the stop light in the lane next to me. How dehumanizing.