Expat Argentina

An Ode to Good Sushi


O Suchi, I mean Sushi, how do I love thee.

When you are fresh and tasty, you melt in my mouth, softly.

When you are bought in Argentina or at a supermarket, you suck and are rubbery and waste my money.

Blue fin tuna is something that I had forgotten about until I came back to the USA this time around. I have never seen marbling like this on fish. The albacore, fresh water eel, salt water eel and many many other rolls and delicacies (edamame, hello!!) drive me crazy. I am overwhelmed with flavor satisfaction when I even begin to think about sushi.

In Argentina, sushi sucks, plain and simple. On my podcast we had a debate about Pizza called the Pizza Wars. I say hogwash to that. (Hogwash is a word I have heard several times in the last 3 weeks because of hanging out with my grandfather and watching football, american football). Hogwash because the pizza is still really good. Objectively really good. It might not be your style but it is at least made the right way, by people who have that dish as part of their heritage, who obsess and love pizza, in their own way.

Sushi on the other hand, in Argentina, is objectively bad. After my experiences here in New York, Portland and Los Angeles over the last 3 weeks, I can safely say that supermarket sushi, even imitation crab and lobster, is better than the salmon only sushi that you get in Argentina. Ok, sometimes there is really bad red tuna. Yes I am bitching and moaning but I need fish! Fish is so delicate and fresh and easy. It gives such a different feel and dance and goes with so many different wines that I cannot and don’t want to have with meat. It is truly a shame that good fish doesn’t exist in Buenos Aires. 😦