Expat Argentina

Shopping for Clothes in the USA vs Argentina


I am 6 foot 5 and living in a land of short people (Argentines are short compared to Americans on average) makes my life difficult for shopping. At first, I used to walk in, browse around, and then see if I could find my size in something I liked. I would usually be shopping for something I needed (as most males do) and therefore not take long… but I got extremely frustrated as I could not find *anything* in my size.

Countless times I have walked into shops in Buenos Aires and I don’t even look at what they have, I just walk up to the people working there and ask if they have anything, any garment whatsoever in my size. Then they say what size are you? And this question nearly led me to yell and several of them. What size am I? I am a) standing right in front of you b) you work in a clothing shop and help people try stuff on for a living and c) I am clearly the biggest!!

In the USA I take nothing less than an XL and in one of my favorite brands, Hurley, I am XXL or XXXL. I have been this size since age 15 or 16 and back then I might be able to take a Large “Tall man”, needing the extra length, which I found a few times in t-shirts especially.

But in Argentina, even in Buenos Aires, a city of 12 million people or so, there is nothing for men my size. No shirts, no shoes and no service. I would have to imagine, given the amount of people alone that there has to be a market for this. Where do other tall Argentines get their clothes? I guess maybe I am overestimating this as I can only see the world from my perspective. Now that I think about it, I have usually been the tallest guy on all the basketball teams I have played on. And those are city league teams with x-pros and young guys who want to be pros.

So I will continue to do all my shopping in the USA for now. 😦