Expat Argentina

I Launched My Campaign for President of Argentina


In an effort to add some balance to the race between Cristina Kirchner and nobody, I thought I would formally launch my campaign with an ad that I put out on my show BA Cast. It is right up front for those of you who want to listen: http://bacast.com/s2-ep-7-the-ba-slutwalk-and-friendly-unfriendly-piropos/

For those of you who would wonder why I would want to get involved in politics… it’s simple really: there is a clear marketing message that nobody is taking advantage of, and is nearly 100% unique to this city (although I’ve heard that Paris 15 or 20 years ago had the same problem).

What is this problem you ask? Dog shit in the street.

Con toda la mierda de perro que hay en la calle como puede ser que no hay un politico que quiere hacer algo? I say BASTA! It’s so simple on the surface, and on my show you will hear me make fun of the subject quite a bit. But I think that underneath it is really a sad issue. The amount of dog shit on the street shows a lack of respect for public property in addition to a low self esteem on the part of the city (and perhaps nation, although when I go to Mendoza and other provinces I do not see the amount of dog shit on the street there that I do in Buenos Aires).

Isn’t it true that you can tell if a friend of yours is depressed by whether he cleans himself, his apartment and his things? Doesn’t it show a sort of universal depression on the part of dog owners in Argentina (about 90% of the population at my last count… yes I have a representative data sample) that they will literally let their dog take a shit on the front step of your apartment building and let it steam there until someone steps on it?

You tell me.