Expat Argentina

Empanada Flavors and New Businesses in Argentina


The empanada is a quintessentially Argentine food.

The basic concept is that it is dough wrapped around some sort of filling. There are hundreds of foods that are analogs to the Argentine empanada.

What is striking is that there is so little variance to the empanada. With all sorts of regions doing their own styles of empanadas, it is surprising that one shop has not aggregated all of these into some kind of regional empanada restaurant where one can get flavors from different regions.

What is also surprising is that there are so few variations of the empanada. One of my favorite shops actually has quite a few variations: humita, dried tomato, mushroom, calabresa, capresse, bacon with plum, ham and pineapple and many others. Even a spicy beef! Imagine that a spicy beef empanada. (and yes it is spicy).