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Buenos Aires Ranks 4th Noisiest in the World

July 23, 2011

Does  this surprise anyone? What surprises me is what is considered to be news. I actually heard on the news once, on NPR, a very trusted and reliable source, that cuts in education funding MAY result in a lower quality of education in the USA. Oh really? What an insight.

In this case its no different. Buenos Aires is loud. As I write this, I can hear 2 separate construction projects with their hammering and sawing reverberating through the buildings.

Traffic is no different. Traffic noise here can be blamed on a series of things. First the colectivos. It is certainly the majority their fault. With older engines, an incredible noise is made every time they accelerate. And their brakes are even worse. Hello! Oil!

Then you have the constant honking between all of the drivers on the street. There is a strange custom here of honking right when the light turns green. No they dont wait 10-15 seconds to realize that you have been staring and your iphone texting somebody. The light gives an indication of green (with a red to yellow change before the green) and as soon as that happens they give a little beep. Is this really necessary? As if there is not enough noise already!

Then with several construction projects on every block it goes without saying that there is tons of other noise as well.

What I am really interested in, though, is why stuff like this makes the news. Who cares? Does this make any difference on a person’s life at all? We already live here and its not like a person is going to make a decision to move to a city based on whether it is noisy. Am I missing something? I think the press at this point just wants to fill up air space.

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  1. Candy permalink
    November 4, 2013 9:03 pm

    Well it does make a difference. I’m a sound technician and we learned at school that you lose about 15% of high frequencies at any main avenue (let’s say Santa fe and Juan B Justo). That’s not cool at all.
    Luckily, Buenos Aires has one big center area and the rest neighborhoods have a lot of quiet streets. I live in Flores, 8 blocks away from the train station and it’s super quiet. If you go to Rivadavia I bet you can’t even sleep.

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