Expat Argentina

13 Pesos for a Coffee? In the U.S. It Costs Less!


Since I just got back to Buenos Aires from a trip to the States, comparisons stare me in the face. Just now, I went and bought a “cafe doble” (double coffee) at a coffee shop and paid 13 pesos for it. Now this is a high price but the double coffees in any form–cafe con leche, cortado doble, etc–all cost 10 pesos and up now. 10 pesos according to today’s exchange rate is 2.55 dollars.

In the U.S. at any coffee house (Starbucks, Peet’s, Coffee People, others) you can get a 20 oz French press, which is more than twice the size of a cafe doble, for less money, about 1.75-2 dollars. You can get a regular, 12 oz latte or cappuccino for that price as well.

So why does coffee cost more in Argentina than in the U.S.?