Expat Argentina

Asado in the Middle of Santa Fe Avenue in Buenos Aires


For those of you who don’t know the city of Buenos Aires that well, Santa Fe Avenue is one of the main arteries for inbound traffic to microcentro/downtown. Hundreds of thousands of cars pass through this avenue every day and traffic is a mess.

Especially when there is construction. I am always hopeful that construction, for all of the massive delays and shouting and honking that it causes will somehow create some wonderfully functional thing as a result of the construction to improve all of our lives. This rarely happens though.

And in the case of what these “obreros” were doing in the middle of the street yesterday, having blocked off at least 2 lanes of traffic on a 4 lane avenue… grilling meat!!

Nobody was working at all. It’s not like I’m saying that they shouldn’t stop for lunch, but if you are gonna shut down half of one of the most important streets in a city of 14 Million people, you better get your shit done as quickly as possible. Asado, even the fastest cooked asado ever (which is completely contrary to the culture and the idea of an asado), will take at least an hour to 90 min to prepare. And these guys are doing it in the middle of Santa Fe avenue with total disregard for getting their work done fast so that the rest of the thousands of us who needed to get somewhere, could.

Welcome to Argentina.