Expat Argentina

The Concept of Celebrity in Argentina


Everybody worldwide knows who the famous American celebrities are. But it’s rare that American’s know other countries’ celebrities. And its rare that other countries know each other’s celebrities.

The Celebrated Personalities (where the word “Celebrity” comes from) of America are the standard, and illustrates the alarming degree to which American media dominates the world.

At this point in time, only 4 companies own over 90% of the world’s media outlets. That is ALL media: newspaper, TV, film, magazine and internet. The last category is the only one that is even close to debatable and “free” but even that is getting to the point where the big dogs dominate and leave the scraps for the masses.

So in Argentina it’s not a small wonder that the concept of celebrity is the same, and the biggest celebrities are the same. It’s only the local ones that differ. Kind of like local jazz musicians or local theater actors.