Expat Argentina

No Prices Listed: Dishonesty or Laziness?


Ok, so you’ll have to forgive me, but I’m gonna bitch and moan a little bit: why is it that no one publishes their prices when listing real estate in Buenos Aires? Literally 80% of all listings come with an ad like “gorgeous view, ideal location, lots of light, 50 square meters”.

And then no price.

Am I supposed to call each one? If the owner went to the trouble of writing all the stuff down and taking out the ad why didn’t he write down the price? It makes zero sense.

They lose time and I waste time. Because the first of all, I’m not gonna call the ads that don’t have prices listed. But if I exhaust all of my possibilities and do start calling them the first thing I’m gonna ask is the price. HELLO!!! What are they thinking? Could they really be that dumb to think that they are gonna be able to “figure out” who the caller is, pull the wool over their eyes and rip them off.

Am I being crazy because I don’t see any other way to see it.